LogicalDOC DMS Server

Document Management

Ready to add a document management system (DMS) to your organization's back office? This bundled solution is one of the best overall values on the market today. We offer a complete system as outlined below with many additional features and upgrades available.

Document Management System

SuiteCRM Server

Customer Relationship Management

SuiteCRM is a world-class open-source CRM implementation that runs as a browser application, similar to salesforce.com.

Pre-loaded on your choice of hardware and professionally deployed to your environment by 726, the SuiteCRM solution is one that gives you total control over your CRM.

Behind your firewall or in front of it, scale to thousands of employees and optimize every customer.

This complete CRM solution includes Hardware, Software, and Professional Deployment.

OrangeHRM Server

Human Resources Management

Hardware, Software, and Professional Deployment.