4 Bay Network Storage

QNAP Appliance + Seagate Drives

QNAP storage appliances take your organization to the next level

QNAP 4 Bay Netowork Storage

PowerEdge Ubuntu Server

Dell PowerEdge + Ubuntu Server

The Dell PowerEdge server line offers deep value while maintaining top standards in reliability.

Dell PowerEdge

Linux Mint 18 Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad + Linux Mint

Linux Mint 18 is a great choice for working remotely and interoperating with external systems. Pairing this Linux OS with the venerable ThinkPad creates a powerful mobile platform.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Linux Mint 18 Workstation

Dell Optiplex + Linux Mint

Move your office to open source solutions, starting with the desktop environment. Drop-in replacement workstations make migrations easy.

Dell Optiplex