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Square Integration
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Square Website Integration

Add your existing Square to your website and take payments with Square at checkout.

Does your business use Square Point of Sales for in-store purchases? Would you like to list your Square catalog items on your website, and accept Square for online payments? If so, you've come to the right place.

Whether you have a website already or will be starting a new one, 726 Tech will add your Square catalog, along with the necessary code to deduct inventory levels and take payments.

In addition, whenever you add, remove, or edit items using your Square Point of Sale or the Square website, your own website will automatically update. This includes any changes to product variations, categories, or prices.

Imagine your website creating orders and sending them in to the same Square system you use today for point of sales. Imagine updating an item in the Square Point of Sale terminal and having the change show up on your website. All of this is possible with the Square API and some custom web development from 726.

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